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  October - November 2016

Letter from the President

Today I’ve spent some time working on a redesign of WBO’s website.  We’re trying to make sure our website reflects our values as an organization, and presents an inviting image with lots of good information that can be found easily.  It’s important to us that our website has a fresh and updated look. 

While going through the process of revamping text and reorganizing information, I’ve noticed a number of parallels with other developments happening within WBO.  At our last WBO meeting we elected a new board.  We welcomed some new faces with Liz Wagger as membership chair, Amy Harbison as our member-at-large, and Marcela Kogan as our secretary.  Some board members have moved to new positions—Ayda Sanver is now vice president and Julia Pitkin-Shantz is treasurer.  We’re lucky that several seasoned board members have kept their positions—Laura Rhode is program chair, Hillary Coggeshall is communications chair, and Doris Barber is in charge of publicity.  Wendy Howard graciously turned the role of president over to yours truly, and Wendy now provides continuity and wisdom as our immediate past president. Read Jamie's entire letter.

Did You Know? Member Benefit:

Did You Know? As a member of WBO, you have the unique opportunity to market your business online and in our newsletter, NetWorker. If you would like to place an ad on the WBO website or in the next issue of the NetWorker, please contact Hillary Coggeshall at

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Member in the Spotlight!

This month we are shining our WBO Spotlight on Amy Harbison

     “I help people through a variety of personal and professional transitions, including retirement planning,” says Amy Harbison, a certified transition and retirement coach.  How does she do that? “I work with people to build their self-awareness and self-esteem, so they can move in the direction of their greater fulfillment.”  This is extremely important in today’s world, especially for women, notes Amy, because women are caregivers to so many people in their lives. “We often don’t take the time and space we need for our own growth and development,” says Amy. “We don’t even give voice to some of our yearnings; instead, we do for everyone else.”
Read more about Amy here.


  Articles and Resources
Replacing Fear Based Reactions, by Susan Commander-Samakow

We’ve all been there. The conversations that have taken a negative direction, that can end up in a downward spiral, that have gone south…with bosses, spouses, friends, our kids, and with people we don’t even know!

No matter how you word it, negative conversations don’t feel good. We end up upset with the person we’re having the discussion with… and with ourselves for being drawn into something negative or toxic. Sometimes that negative or toxic feeling is fear-based.

What if we shifted our reactions when situations cause fear, and then embraced the circumstance head on? Read Susan's article here.

What's Your Financial IQ?, by Julia Pitkin-Shantz

Imagine you’re on a TV quiz show. The host turns to you and offers a list of topics, one of which is Your Personal Finances.  Based on your knowledge, is this a category you would choose?

If you answered no, you’re not alone. Four out of five Americans admit they know more about a variety of topics than their own finances. That’s about the same share that would choose to answer questions about subjects far less personal, such as current events, entertainment, or science and technology. Read Julia's article here.

As Luck Would Have It, by Hillary Coggeshall

Two summers ago I was lucky enough to schedule a “get acquainted” meeting with a large, North American trade association; I’ll call them ASU-EEEI :) It was a run of the mill meeting: I brought Spark Design’s most stand-out projects, as well as some samples of work that felt like what they might be looking for, based on our preliminary phone conversations. It went well – not great, didn’t feel like a home-run, sure-thing, but I left feeling like if I kept in touch with the people I met with, that it might result in some work.

About 2 weeks later, I received an email asking for an estimate for a series of ePub books. I dutifully wrote the proposal and sent it back within a couple of days. Then silence. I left a voicemail message, emailed, and I think I even called a 2nd time. Then I began to feel like I was being annoying, so I stopped. I decided that at this stage, if they wanted to work with me, they knew where to find me. Read Hillary's article here.

Learning from our Mistakes, by Rachel Werner

I have found over the years that despite some great successes as a grants professional, the best lessons I have learned come from the mistakes that I’ve made. While I might cringe or get frustrated at the time, I realize that in the end, I am glad that I went through the experience. In order to make sense of this, I am compiling some of my top mistakes and how I learned from them. Read here.Rachel's article

New Laws for 2016, by Annie Karp

Is your PTO or Sick Leave plan compliant?

The Montgomery County Council recently passed legislation providing paid leave away from work that can be used for such things as preventative care or the care of the employee or a family member’s illness. Known as the Montgomery County Earned Sick and Safe Leave Act, it is in effect as of October 1, 2016. Details here.

Maryland Women's Business Center

Maryland Women’s Business Center - has regular seminars of interest to businesses that are held all over the state. See their website for listings and more information

Montgomery County Department of Economic Development can help you get started on your new business? Sign up for the Montgomery County Department of Economic Development’s Office Hours program for free assistance with business specialists. Learn more about the program and how to sign up.


  WBO Events

Upcoming Events

Happy Fall to one and all! Before the leaves pile up too high, join us for some upcoming WBO events

Morning WBO, October 5, 8:15-9:30am @ Silver Diner on Rockville Pike. The breakfast meeting of free for members and $5 for guests, but everyone pays for the pancakes! Please register so we can have your coffee waiting for you.

Brown Bag Lunch, October 11, noon-1:30pm @ Kaplan University, 1390 Piccard Dr. #100 in Rockville. Members only, please. Register early, as space is limited to 15 members.

Sharon Weinstein, President, SharonMWeinstein and SMWGroupLLC will present:

Eliminating the ‘Filler’…and I don’t mean Botox

As professionals, we get to introduce ourselves, and to respond to the question, “What do you do?” 

How we respond and the number of ‘fillers’ we use tells our listeners a great deal about us. We all want to make a good first impression, and to answer that ubiquitous question with calm confidence. 

In this Brown Bag session, Certified Speaking Professional and Dean of the Aspiring Speakers Academy for the DC Chapter of the National Speakers Association, will share 4 tips to help you eliminate the ‘filler’ sounds, words, and phrases, including: 

  • Filler Sounds — e.g. um, uh, ah, mm
  • Filler Words – e.g. basically, actually, literally
  • Filler Phrases – e.g. “I think that”, “you know”, “what I’m trying to say is”

Are you ready to create your powerful, filler-free, intro? Then join us!

WBO Network Building Luncheon, October 20, 11:30am- 2pm @ Timpano’s, 12021 Rockville Pike in Rockville. Remember to register by October 17 to take advantage of the early-bird discount.

Visit the WBO website for other upcoming events.

Committee News

Want to get more involved in WBO? Consider joining a committee! You’ll meet new people and play a key role in planning WBO events and programming. For more information, contact a board member.

WBO Board Members
  Contact information for board members is on the WBO-MC website.
President: Jamie Hamelburg
Vice-President: Ayda Sanver
Treasurer: Julia Pitkin-Shantz
Secretary: Marcela Kogan
Membership: Lizabeth Wagger
Communications: Hillary Coggeshall
Publicity: Doris Barber
Programs: Laura Rhode
At-Large Member: Amy Harbison
Immediate Past President: Wendy Howard

New Members

We welcome new WBO-MC members voted in at the September board meeting:

Janina Blackman,
Living Wellness Medical Center
Deborah Bowman,
Clasid Consultants Publishing
Nino Ghurtskaia,
Russian School of Mathematics
Sidney Sclar,
Sid the Security Pro
Patricia Vasco, Tutor Doctor
Interested in Graduate Programs? The University of Maryland’s College of Information Studies, Maryland’s iSchool, is home to three graduate programs (Library Science; Information Management; and Human-Computer Interaction), as well as a PhD program in Information Studies. For more information on the particular areas of education and development, classes, location and contact information, view more.
Networking Tips to live by!! Alicia McLeod, of WBC, provides the top 5 tips for maximizing your networking. Do you know what they are? Be sure to read this article.
Run/Walk and support our non-profit partner. WBO members! Join our team for the King of the Road 5K and 1 mile Fun Run on November 17 at 9:00 am. The run is sponsored by TLC, (The Treatment and Learning Centers). TLC was our featured non-profit organization for May 2013! And remember, it’s never too late to start training. Click here for more info and some great training resources!
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