WBO-MC turned 35 in 2015!

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Thirty years ago Diane Norcross, owner of Potomac Minute Maids, felt the need to discuss entrepreneurial ups and downs with another woman business owner. Happily Helen Hillstrom, founder of Hillstrom Real Estate was right across the hall in the same Rockville office building.The two women started talking and decided they had identified an important need. After inviting 12 other women business owners to join them for lunch at the Rockville Ramada Inn, Women Business Owners of Montgomery County, MD was born!

The original group came together to share experiences, problems, and most importantly solutions at a time when few women owned their own businesses. These days many women business owners and members of WBO-MC rely on each other, reach out to new members, and share resources, camaraderie, and support.

Founders and Past Presidents

Original Members

  • Lynn Clark, Conference Specialists
  • Sharon Fountain, Performance Development Corporation
  • Helen Hillstrom, Hillstrom Real Estate
  • *Diane Norcross, Clean Advice
  • *Founder

Past WBO-MC Presidents

2014-2016 Wendy Howard - WH Consulting

2012-2014 Naomi Abrams - Worksite Health and Safety Consultants, LLC

2010-2012 Susan Potter - Press, Potter & Dozier, LLC

2009-2010 Carolyn Bruna – Caregiving Consultants

2008-2009 Laura Levengard – Starpower Fitness

2006-2008 Michelle Bender – Bender Financial Advisors, LLC

2005-2006 Chiquita Sorrells – Caitlin Enterprises, LLC

2003-2005 Gayley Knight - Connecting Links Web Strategy/Consulting

2002-2003 Jina Etienne - Etienne & Associates, LLC

2001-2002 Julie Lenzer Kirk - Applied Creative Technologies, Inc.

2000-2001 Susan Hlesciak Hall - Integrity Ink, LLC

1999-2000 Donna Miller - Business Research & Intelligence, Inc.

1998-1999 Hope Barnett Cohen - Employee Benefit Plans

1997-1998 Bethany Portner - Portner Design Group, Inc.

1996-1997 Meredith Higgins - Resources for Professionals, Inc.

1995-1996 Eleanor Mayfield - The TSW Group

1994-1995 Anne Sanderoff-Walker - Anne's Curtain Calls, Inc.

1993-1994 Andria Artist - Dress for Success, Inc.

1992-1993 Mary Ann McIlraith - Maximum Potential International

1991-1992 Lynn Fishman - The Insurance Store

1990-1991 Kathleen Canal - The Canal Agency

1989-1990 Lynn Clark - Conference Specialists

1988-1989 Lynn Clark - Conference Specialists

1987-1988 Hilary Lavine - Lavine Media

1985-1987 George-Anne Fay - Fay Associates

1980-1985 Diane Norcross - Founder

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