WBO-MC Members Are Also Members of Maryland Nonprofits

Maryland Nonprofits' motto is: "Don't reinvent the wheel." Whenever you start a project and think, "Someone else must have done this before, think, "Maryland Nonprofits."

Ten Ways to Take Advantage of Your Maryland Nonprofits Membership

1. FREE access to the members-only area of website www.marylandnonprofits.org, which contains a wealth of resources on nonprofit management Take advantage of our Model Employee Handbook. Take advantage of our expert resources on every aspect of nonprofit management, from executive leadership to volunteer management to financial management. Download the Standards for Excellence® Educational Resource Packets. Join our e-communities to share information and advice with each other. Post your announcements and events on our Community Calendar or Bulletin Board. If you haven't been taking advantage of these resources because you haven't had a login name or password, just give us a call, and we can get you connected. 410-727-6367

2. FREE access to our consultant databank so that you can search for professionals (accountants. lawyers, fundraisers, consultants) that specialize in serving nonprofits.

3. FREE use of grants research databases, such as The Foundation Directory Online, GrantsDirectcom, and the Pro Platinum. Just call our office before you come to make sure the library computer is available. (Baltimore Library: 410-727-6367 X 24. Silver Spring Library: 301-565-0505 X10.)

4. FREE use of our meeting space, in both Baltimore and Silver Spring. These are great places to hold your board meetings or public-education events. Just call to reserve the date and time you want (Baltimore: 410-727-6367 X 10. Silver Spring Library: 301-565-0505 X10) then visit our office a few days before your event to sign out a key.

5. FREE use of our high-speed copier, automatic paper folder, and other office equipment. Just bring your own paper. (Always call before you come.)

6. FREE use of our libraries. (Always call before you come.)

7. FREE access by phone to subject-matter experts, including a lawyer, who can answer your pressing questions.

8. Group-buying, which gives your perhaps small organization large-organization buying power on things such as insurance, employee benefits, payroll services, office equipment. Call Nancy Hall at 410-727­6367 X11.

9. Access to our Career Center, where you can post job openings in your organization for a nominal fee.

10. Greatly discounted rates on our trainings, conferences, publications, and consulting.

And don't forget, we're always looking for ways to save you time and money; to clarify your legal and financial responsibilities so you don't find yourselves in trouble; and we're looking out for your interests in Annapolis. Be sure to take full advantage of your membership!

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