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Janet R. Chiu


     Janet Chiu often explains what she does by telling people, “I work with web designers and web developers to help clients build an online presence.”  People then often ask, “What does this mean?”


      “When a client has a web site,” says Janet, “she is competing with billions of web sites on the Internet.  That makes getting attention online much more difficult.”  However, because Janet is experienced in the logistics of SEO (search engine optimization) as well as marketing, her company, CyberTurf Strategic Media, can help clients with this problem.


     While many people think Janet’s work is high-tech, she describes it as actually low-tech. With understanding of marketing issues, Janet uses her knowledge of SEO to help clients see their online presence from the perspective of the search engine.  For example, key words are important to people who need something and for search engines to help them. Also, how to present yourself online to others is extremely important.  Janet helps her clients look at their online presence analytically.  “Google looks for expertise, authoritativeness and trust,” she says, noting, “We can do things to make sure you are covering those bases.”


     For example, having the address on your website is important because it establishes trust.  An address is verifiable. Prospective customers (as well as search engines) know yours is a real company.  Some details, such as including useful text on the page, can make the difference between appearing or not appearing in the search results. Images don’t convey enough information to search engines, which need textual information.


     Janet urges her clients to focus on communicating well, with informative headlines, engaging copy, and quality visuals. “Many business owners call their website an ‘online brochure,’ but brochures are boring 99% of the time.  If you personally don’t connect with tedious copy and meaningless visuals, don’t expect others to tolerate boring or confusing copy on your website.” 


     Janet also explains that when enough people hop back to the search results to look for something better, the site will eventually rank lower. Utilizing competitive analysis, keyword research and SEO copywriting, together with her many years of experience in digital marketing, Janet can show clients how to incorporate SEO into their marketing plan so their customers find the website and engage with it.  “Ultimately, my work is about building an online presence that helps grow your business, and I believe SEO is a great way to make that happen,” says Janet.     


     Janet likes being able to help people understand how they are doing online as their efforts are being translated into data.  “Search engines are machines,” says Janet.  “What we see is not what the machines see.  It’s rewarding to help people understand what needs to be done to their website that will help meet their business objectives.”


     CyberTurf Strategic Media came into existence in 2012, after Janet moved here from Georgia.  She joined WBO shortly thereafter. What does she like best about her business? “I like unraveling mysteries,” she says. “When you use data, there are things to be learned like clues. We can dig in the data until those clues give us a picture of what’s going on.


     Before forming her own company, Janet sold digital advertising for a newspaper in Georgia.  She was not happy with the lack of results for her customers.  She transitioned to search engine marketing after leaving the newspaper, and CyberTurf Strategic Media began to evolve.


     A Montgomery County resident for the past five years, Janet has worked in New York, Georgia and now Maryland.  “It has been a challenge,” she says, “but I’m grateful for the experiences and the perspective.”  When she is not working, Janet and her husband like hiking and bike riding.


      If your business could benefit from improved website quality and a better online presence, visit Janet’s website at

or email her at You may also call her at (301) 461-5588.





Ellen R. Cohen is a free-lance writer and editor whose "editorial advertising" helps her clients advertise their goods and services in a variety of ways. She can be reached at (301) 984-7444.

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