Join the WBO-MC Board

WBO-MC Organizational Roles and Positions


Benefits of getting involved: Develop your leadership and public speaking skills; greatly increase your personal network of community, business and government leaders, leading to more exposure and valuable connections for you and your business. Bring your own ideas and vision of the organization and implement those ideas to make WBO a better organization.

  • prepares agendas for monthly Board meetings;
  • chairs Board meetings, ensuring that all Board members and any other members present have an opportunity to contribute and that all business on the agenda is dealt with;
  • chairs WBO-MC general meetings;
  • serves as custodian of the WBO-MC banner and other meeting materials;
  • writes the President’s Message for the Networker every month, keeping the membership informed about developments affecting the organization and women in business in general;
  • submits a projected budget for President to the Treasurer, annually;
  • represents WBO in the community (or appoints a WBO-MC member for same), including at meetings of the Montgomery County Commission for Women Council of Presidents, and other organizations;
  • coordinates awards for September Reception Honorees; and
  • provides leadership to support member initiatives and proposes new programs.

Skills you need: Good interpersonal skills, organizational skills, ability to delegate and supervise; ability to attend community and business functions as WBO-MC representative.

Vice President

Benefits of getting involved: Develop your leadership and public speaking skills; learn more about the organization and how it is run; greatly increase your personal network of community, business and government leaders, leading to more exposure and valuable connections for you and your business.

  • chairs some general meetings (particularly in spring/summer) in preparation for transition to president;
  • confers with the President to resolve issues and establish priorities for monthly Board meetings;
  • fulfills ad hoc assignments on behalf of the President and Board; and
  • assists the President in making WBO-MC visible in the community and in communicating information of interest to women in business to Board members and the WBO-MC membership.

Skills you need: Good interpersonal skills, organizational skills, flexibility and ability to attend community and business functions as WBO-MC representative.


Benefits of getting involved: Get to know your fellow Board Members better and be involved in decision making that affects the organization as a whole. This is a good “transition” role to introduce a member to the Board and frequently leads to other leadership positions.

  • records minutes of Board and general meetings and distributes them to Board members;
  • maintains minutes of past Board meetings on file;
  • notifies incoming Board members of the date, time, and location of transitional Board meetings in July and August (which are attended by both incoming and outgoing Board members);
  • prepares and sends correspondence to members and guests (i.e., thank-you notes to guest speakers; notes of sympathy, congratulation, etc. to members);
  • orders stationery (letterhead, blank stock [for second page of correspondence], and envelopes);
  • updates and distributes board manuals from year to year; and
  • submits a projected budget for Secretary to the Treasurer, annually.

Skills you need: ability to attend all Board meetings or, if unable to attend, designate a replacement for purposes of recording minutes; attention to detail; good note-taking and writing skills. 


Benefits of getting involved: Get to know the organization from a financial perspective; learn and develop important bookkeeping and accounting skills that will help you manage your own business’ finances.

  • writes checks for monthly bills and at other times as needed, including paying for meetings at the end of each monthly meeting;
  • deposits all checks received into WBO-MC’s bank account on a regular basis (at least monthly), first preparing for future reference a detailed, categorized list of the checks being deposited;
  • checks over $500 need 2 signatures;
  • balances the organization’s checkbook each month;
  • prepares Treasurer’s report showing all financial activity each month;
  • reports to the Board each month on the financial status of the organization;
  • prepares and keeps records of all WBO-MC’s financial activities;
  • prepares a budget annually for presentation at the September Board meeting;
  • prepares tax forms as needed, including sales tax returns and federal Forms 1099;
  • maintains a relationship with WBO-MC’s bank, including calling bank officials about fees, errors, and other questions;
  • prepares correspondence as needed, including sending invoices, contacting members about bounced checks, etc.;
  • keep checkbook, current and prior financial records, deposit slips, stamper, and other material; and
  • works with other Board members to facilitate their financial procedures, including reconciling any expenses/receipts they oversee (dues, nametags, advertising, speaker fees, etc.).

Skills you need: Knowledge of Quick Books and ability to balance checkbook and generate reports; familiarity with tax forms and returns; a head for numbers and finance; attention to detail.

Publicity Chair

Benefits of getting involved: Gain knowledge of and establish relationships with various print and online media outlets, which can be useful in publicizing your own business and accomplishments. Develop skills in the all-important and constantly changing world of social media.

  • writes news releases, prepares copies, and sends them by mail, email or fax to the media to inform them of WBO-MC meetings, activities, and achievements;
  • maintains a media list database (including generating labels and stuffing envelopes) and keeps track of various media deadlines;
  • serves as the media contact person for WBO-MC;
  • coordinates WBO-MC social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.);
  • arranges with photographers (members who volunteer their services) to cover special events (photos are included with selected news releases);
  • seeks out publicity opportunities (e.g., TV and radio interviews, WBO-MC memorabilia);
  • submits a projected budget for Publicity to the Treasurer, annually;
  • announces at meetings or in the Networker any events that might offer publicity opportunities of WBO-MC members;
  • keeps a supply of brochures and any other WBO-MC promotional materials to bring to meetings and events; and
  • updates, arranges for printing of WBO-MC brochure annually.

Skills you need: Good writing and organizational skills; familiarity with local media and willingness to find new sources of publicity for the organization; good people skills; knowledge of and ability to effectively market via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Membership Chair

Benefits of getting involved: Get to know each and every new member of the organization; establish good interpersonal relationships with members; develop your sales and marketing skills.

  • submits names of applicants for membership for approval at monthly Board meeting;
  • orders member name badges
  • turns over checks for membership dues to Treasurer; works with Treasurer to ensure consistency of membership and financial records of dues payment;
  • submits a projected budget for President to the Treasurer, annually.
  • Committee applicability and structure: Maintains Membership Committee by meeting regularly and managing committee members 
  • Identifies budgetary needs and requests approval
  • Presents new members for consideration 
  • Identifies trends in membership through data collection
  • Is responsible for managing the maintenance of all membership records
  • Data collection, management, analysis, and reporting
  • Compiles and analyzes metrics relating to membership (who attended the meeting, how many applied for membership, how many new members, trends, etc.)  
  • Discusses membership benefits at general meetings
  • Connects members to members at general meetings
  • Facilitates members being able to put out cards, etc. at meetings (the “membership table”) at general meetings
  • Runs periodic orientations for new members
  • Recruits prospective members through events
  • Before an event: Admin lets Membership know who attending is a prospective member, Membership prepares by assigning who on membership committee will attend event and bring materials, and who will act as ambassadors  
  • During an event: After prospective member checks-in, Membership ambassador greets prospective members, explains the meeting process including selecting food and picking a place to sit, answers any questions, and introduces them to other attendees.   
  • After an event: Gets list of prospective members who attended (either through sign up beforehand or walk-in), calls them to welcome, answer questions, and talk to them about the next steps. 
  • Reviews applications 
  • Automated System lets you know when someone has submitted an application.  Every two weeks – more or less depending on the number of applications received – compile information about new applicants to send to the board for review.  Information may include links to their business websites, links to their social media, a short summary of their business, any personal contact you have has with the applicant, and how many events they have attended.  Include any information you deem important to help the board make a decision 
  • Presents applications to board
  • Communicates with all prospective members through an automated welcome email
  • Lets members know they have been accepted.
  • Facilitates connections between new members and committee chairs 
  • Makes sure that new members are greeted warmly and welcomed 
  • Oversees process for contacting members as renewal comes due  
  • Lapsed members: Reaches out, encourages renewal, and surveys reasons for lack of renewal

Skills you need: good organizational skills, ability to “sell” WBO-MC to potential members, good people skills, attention to detail, ability to follow up.

Program Chair

Benefits of getting involved: Learn and develop event planning skills; improve your public speaking skills; get to know business leaders in the community and experts in their fields and establish relationships with them that could lead to more business for your company.

  • coordinates arrangements for monthly meeting programs, including proposing and contacting prospective guest speakers and serving as liaison with guest speakers, ensuring that their needs are met;
  • contact person for outside groups who would like to sponsor or participate in WBO-MC events;
  • notifies contact person at the meeting location of any special requirements such as audio-visual equipment for the guest speaker;
  • writes brief article about forthcoming meeting program, including information about the meeting location, price, and deadline for reservations, and submits article to the Communications Chair for publication in the Networker;
  • provides information about forthcoming meeting programs to Publicity Chair in a timely fashion (at least one month in advance) so that Publicity Chair can issue a news release;
  • coordinates with Meeting Registrar (job description below) member reservations for each monthly meeting, including responding to member phone calls, receiving reservation checks, maintaining a record of members who have made reservations, and notifying the contact person at the meeting location by an agreed date (usually one to two days before the meeting) of the expected meeting attendance. (These tasks may be delegated to the Meeting Registrar, who is a member of the Program Committee.);
  • coordinates lunch and learns with publicity and acts as member contact for these; and
  • submits a projected budget for President to the Treasurer, annually.

Skills you need: Some event planning and/or programming experience is desirable; good people skills; attention to detail.

Communications Chair

Benefits of getting involved: Be “in the know” with respect to all events, programs, member benefits, member news, community news and WBO-MC news; work closely with other Board members; develop your technical expertise by learning how to do mass emails and other communications. 

The Communication Chair has overall responsibility for the content, production, and distribution of WBO-MC’s quarterly newsletter, the Networker, weekly email blasts and the web site. Specifically,

  • oversees newsletter production and distribution;
  • in coordination with the President and Program Chair, sends email blasts to membership and others in the email database announcing upcoming WBO-MC meetings and other events of interest to members;
  • solicits articles from members and Board members by email
  • solicits and collects “Hear Me Roars” at monthly meetings and includes them in the newsletter;
  • solicits advertising and tracks advertising revenue with Treasurer;
  • maintains editorial control over articles submitted and publication dates;
  • seeks input from other Board members regarding items of interest to the general membership;
  • replenishes postage (in conjunction with Treasurer) as needed;
  • maintains archives;
  • maintains database of articles by past presidents for incoming/future presidents; and

Skills you need: Knowledge of or willingness to learn how to assemble a newsletter; good editing and writing skills; attention to detail; organizational skills, familiarity with Constant Contact or similar email programs.

E-mail for additional information.