Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups are a valuable benefit of WBO-MC membership!

Mastermind groups are small groups of women who are dedicated to developing their businesses using a cross-mentoring, collaborative approach. The group provides structure, suggestions, and moral support.  Participants develop their businesses by sharing ideas and critiquing plans in a supportive, confidential environment for setting business goals and giving progress reports at each meeting.

Mutual respect and unequivocal trust are the foundation of a successful group. A Mastermind coordinator manages group membership based on type of business (no competitors in the same group), business phase, desired locale, and meeting time preference.

Mastermind Group Criteria

Maximum of 8 members, to allow time for everyone to share at each meeting. All members are committed to developing their businesses by setting goals and reporting at each meeting on the progress they have made toward meeting those goals.

Meetings times will be determined by each of the individual groups.

Starting a Mastermind Group

If you are interested in joining a group, sign up below: